Montis Metals is investing in onshore decommissioning of offshore installations

Alongside our advisory and project delivery activities, Montis Metals is also spearheading an effort to accommodate the dismantling, reuse and recycling of decommissioned offshore installations, onshore in the Benelux 


Catchment Area

From southwest Netherlands and Belgium, we can serve a catchment radius of some 300nm


Annual Volume

Catchment area’s market size estimated to be ca. 75,000 tons per annum



More than 125 projects to be executed per year across the catchment area


Topside Weight

Estimated topside weight of  ~1,250 tons for Southern North Sea and Netherlands

Region in Excellent Position to Accommodate Decommissioned Metals

Hinterland with Excellent Connections


Digestible Projects within Catchment Area

Benign Waterways with Accessible Ports

Historically Strong Skills and Labour